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Envirotile Slate Half Tile

Envirotile Slate Half Tile

A flat, precision manufactured, recycled polymer, lightweight roof tile with excellent green credentials. It has a low profile chamfered front leading edge with a slight riven finish which is aesthetically pleasing in all aspects. It is extremely simple to fix yet performs exceptionally, locking into adjacent tiles to form a fully integrated roof covering. Envirotile performs to roof pitches as low as 12.5 degrees.


A Single Envirotile can be cut to be used as a half tile for starter/finish tiles for bonding purposes.  A line is clearly marked at the head of the tile.


Envirotile is the most advanced roof tile available; affordable, high performing and environmentally friendly. Envirotile actually helps to reduce build and labour costs.


Product Codes:

  • Anthracite: GSPSH01
  • Slate Grey: GSPSH02
  • Dark Brown: GSPSH03
  • Terracotta: GSPSH04


Available for use with these products:

  • GSPDT: Envirotile Roof Tile
  • GSP05: Eave Bar
  • GSP06: Envirolay
  • Ancillary ridge products and fixings
  • Ventilated tiles

An aesthetically pleasing roof tile that incorporates unique interlocking features for greater performance against severe weather conditions.


Reduces installation time of large roof areas.


For use where cuts are required i.e. hips and closed valley.


Manual dry cutting can be performed at secured height level/No atmospheric dust.


If you’re looking for a superior Roof System that offers unrivalled performance & quicker installation look no further, use Envirotile!

  • Outperforms traditional roofing materials.
  • Uses recycled sustainable materials.
  • Supports sustainable homes initiatives when meeting new build standards.
  • Is easier to use and fit than conventional tiles.
  • Our products combine superior sustainable performance with unique technical features.


Product sold in packs of 10

Pallet: 280 tiles

Pallet Weight: 345 kilo including pallet & packaging


For further technical information please contact a member of our technical team.



  • Length 265 mm
  • Width  630 mm
  • Cover Width 605 mm
  • Thickness 11 mm
  • Weight  1.020 kilo
  • Minimum Pitch 12.5 degrees
  • Maximum Pitch  90 degrees
  • Graded Batten Size 50 X 25 mm
  • ≥ 25°pitch – 6 tiles per m²
  • 12.5 – 22.5° low pitch roof requirement – 7 tiles per m²



  • 30 mm Stainless Steel Screws on pitches lower than 25 degrees
  • 30 mm Stainless Steel Nails for use on normal pitches over 25 degrees
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