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Envirolay FR Premier Underlay

Envirolay FR Premier Underlay


Envirolay FR Premier Dedicated Fireproof Roofers Underlay

Envirolay insulated fireproof roofers underlay is the next generation of tough, high performance pitched roofing underlay. It is a type FR underlay and roof space ventilation is required at both high and low level.


Envirolay is BRE and Exova certified and is suitable for both warm and cold roof, supported and unsupported, ventilated roof constructions throughout the UK.


The flame retardant woven glass fibre cloth and aluminium foil weave has a high nail tear resistance which makes it untearable in normal use.


The thermal reflectivity of the material is designed to reduce the convection and radiant heat loss through the roof.

In the summer months it reduces heat entering into the building, but also helps to maintain the heat in the building during the winter.


Product Codes:

  • Envirolay: GSP06


Available for use with these products:

  • GSPDST: Duo Plus Tape 40mm x 50m
  • Premier HR fireproof protection underlay
  • Exova fire tested
  • BS:ENISO 11925-2:2010
  • DD CEN/TS 1187 :2012 Test 4
  • Conforms to BS:5534-2014
  • BRE tested
  • For use in all zonal areas 1-5
  • Use with or without Duo Plus Tape
  • Suitable for most types of roofing structures, i.e. cold roof, warm roof & solid roof


Each roll: 1m x 30m
Roof area coverage: 30m²
Weight: 15kg


Please see further product documentation here.



*  Please allow for a minimum overlap of 150mm for each layer course
*  A sag of between 3-5mm is required between rafter centres


N.B.  For compliance to UK & European Fire Standards and to conform to our guarantee Envirolay is recommended for use for all roof installations/applications 

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