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Main Ridge Cap

Main Ridge Cap

Mechanically dry fixed interlocking main ridge cap that is easy to install reducing installation time.


Simply push into the next ridge section and screw into place into the recommended bedded apex ridge batten.


One ridge fixing screw secures two ridge sections.


Part of our universal ridge system which can be used with other types of roof coverings.


Product Codes:

  • Anthracite: GSPMR01
  • Slate Grey: GSPMR02
  • Dark Brown: GSPMR03
  • Terracotta: GSPMR04


Available for use with this product:

  • GSPGEC01/02/03/04: Angular Gable End Cap
  • GSPCRS01/02/03/04: Angular Ridge to Apex Cover
  • GSPHR01/02/03/04: Angular Hip Cap
  • GSPCF01/02/03/04: Angular Hip End Cap
  • GSPH150: Aluminium Hip Roll
  • GSPVR330: Ventilated Ridge Roll
  • GSPSCL01/02/03/04: Screw Cover Caps Large
  • GSPSCS01/02/03/04: Screw Cover Caps Small
  • GSPRFP: Ridge Fixing Pack (90mm screws/washers)
  • GSPRFPB: Ridge Fixing Pack with Brackets (90mm screws/washers/brackets)
  • SS70S: 70mm Stainless Steel Hip Fixing Screws

Length: 475mm
Width: 300mm
Height: 170mm


Pallet Quantity: 240

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