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Envirotile Ventilated Eave Bar/Starter Rail

Envirotile Ventilated Eave Bar/Starter Rail


Provides ventilation to the underside of the roof tiles, significantly reducing moisture build up and eliminating ponding at the fascia area.


The bottom eave course of tiles are permanently held into position at the fascia edge by a simple method of mechanical dry fixing.  Please refer to page 20 of the Envirotile Installation Brochure here.


Product Codes:

  • Fascia Eave Fixing Bar: GSPV05


Available for use with these products:

  • GSP01/02/03/04 & GSPSS: Envirotile & Envirotile Slate
  • GSPDT01/02/03/04 & GSPSD & GSPSH: Envirotile Double Tile & Envirotile Double/Half Tile Slate
  • 600 mm length
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