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Envirotile Slate Roof Tile

Envirotile Slate Roof Tile

A flat, precision manufactured, recycled polymer, lightweight roof tile with excellent green credentials. It has a low profile chamfered front leading edge with a slight riven finish which is aesthetically pleasing in all aspects. It is extremely simple to fix yet performs exceptionally, locking into adjacent tiles to form a fully integrated roof covering. Envirotile performs to roof pitches as low as 12.5 degrees.


A Single Envirotile can be cut to be used as a half tile for starter/finish tiles for bonding purposes.  A line is clearly marked at the head of the tile.


Envirotile is the most advanced roof tile available; affordable, high performing and environmentally friendly. Envirotile actually helps to reduce build and labour costs.


Product Codes:

  • Anthracite: GSPSS01
  • Slate Grey: GSPSS02
  • Dark Brown: GSPSS03
  • Terracotta: GSPSS04


Available for use with these products:

  • GSPDT: Envirotile Double Roof Tile
  • GSP05: Eave Bar
  • GSP06: Envirolay
  • Ancillary ridge products and fixings
  • Ventilated tiles

An aesthetically pleasing roof tile that incorporates unique interlocking features for greater performance against severe weather conditions. Manual dry cutting can be performed at secured height level/No atmospheric dust.


If you’re looking for a superior Roof System that offers unrivalled performance & quicker installation look no further, use Envirotile!

  • Outperforms traditional roofing materials.
  • Uses recycled sustainable materials.
  • Supports sustainable homes initiatives when meeting new build standards.
  • Is easier to use and fit than conventional tiles.
  • Our products combine superior sustainable performance with unique technical features.


Product supplied in packs of 10

Pallet: 540 tiles

For further technical information please contact a member of our technical team.



  • Length : 365mm.
  • Width : 325mm.
  • Cover width : 300mm.
  • Thickness : 11mm.
  • Standard tile weight : 610g.
  • Slate tile weight: 710g.
  • Minimum pitch : 12.5 degrees.
  • Maximum pitch : 90 degrees.
  • Batten size : 50mm x 25mm.
  • Fixings : 30mm stainless steel drive nails.
  • Certification : BBA approved.
  • Guarantee : 25 years.



  • 85mm headlap – 11.9 tiles/m2.
  • 100mm headlap – 12.58 tiles/m2.
  • 115mm headlap – 13.33 tiles/m2.
  • 12.5-22.5° low pitch roof requirement – 14 tiles per m² / 9.380 kg per m²
  • ≥ 25° pitch – 12 tiles per m².
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