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Abutment Soaker 3m

Abutment Soaker 3m


Bundle of 10


  • Position GSP3MAS to the abutment wall area, overlap the edge of the fascia by a minimum of 50mm in line with the bottom edge of the 1st course of Envirotiles.
  • For installation on warm board roofs tack/screw down at 500m intervals along the full length of the abutment.
  • For cold batten/lathe roof installation tack/screw direct to the batten, 25mm from the batten edge, at every batten course.


Product Code:

  • Black GSP3MAS
  • 10 lengths per pack
  • 3 meters per length


It is recommended Envirotile Double Tiles be used at abutment wall. Illustration available here

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